Testing Grab Framework

Building test environment

Run command:

make bootstrap

Run tests

Run all tests in 30 parallel threads:

pytest -n30

Run all tests in 30 parallel threads, fail on first error:

pytest -n30 -x

Same as previous but via make command:

make pytest

Run specific test:

pytest tests/test_util_types.py

Run all test cases which has “redis” in their name:

pytest -k redis

Github Testing

The Grab project is configured to run the full set of tests for each new commit placed into the project repository. You can see the status of a recent commit and the status of all previous commits here: https://github.com/lorien/grab/actions

Test Coverage

To see test coverage just run full set of tests through pytest

pytest -n30 -x --cov grab --cov-report term-missing

You can use shortcut:

make pytest

The Grab project is configured to submit coverage statistics to the coveralls.io service after each test session is completed by travis-ci. You can see the coverage history at this URL: https://coveralls.io/github/lorien/grab


Run with:

make check

That will run mypy, pylint and flake8 linters.