Form Processing

Grab can help you process web forms. It can automatically fill all input fields that have default values, letting you fill only fields you need. The typical workflow is:

  • request a page

  • fill input fields with set_input method

  • submit the form with submit method

When you are using set_input you just specify the name of an input and the value, and Grab automatically finds the form field containing the input with that name. When you call submit, the automatically-chosen form is submitted (the form that has the largest number of fields). You can also explicitly choose the form with the choose_form method.

Let’s look at a simple example of how to use these form features:

>>> g = Grab()
>>> g.request("")
>>> g.doc.set_input("text", "grab documenation")
>>> g.doc.submit()

The form that has been chosen automatically is available in the grab.form attribute.

To specify input values you can use set_input, set_input_by_id and set_input_by_xpath methods.